Richmond Hill Hindu Temple

An important announcement


     Please note that after we started the Temple Website and ran it on a voluntary basis for a span of 15 years, this site has been shut down as per the directive of Mr. Ganesan, Board Secretary, the Hindu Temple Society of Canada, dated September 14, 2016.

     This Website had gone through several thousands of hours in the design, coding, maintenance, security, availability, Search Engine Optimization, interactions with Google and other search engine providers, several thousands of photographs, video coverage of most of the events and so on. The Website was completely independent, in its articles and write-ups in spite of multiple interferences in its function.

     Though the temple had made headlines for all the wrong reasons over the years, the Website projected a positive and dignified image to the outside world, and had the most current, authentic and updated information every week, and such a professional service was done without taking a cent from the Temple. The only objective was make accurate information available, even though many times they were not available from the Temple.

     If you are concerned, please contact Thank you to every one of you who had benefited from our service. It was your support that sustained our continued service, in spite of lack lustre support of the "Trustees".

Balu Srinivasan & Mala Balu
17 Sep 2016